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Best-Selling Rapid Tongs Bundle Set
NEW! 5/8-inch Blacksmith Bolt Jaw Tongs - Good for RR SPIKES ~ made from 5160
U.S.A Made Propane Forge for Knifemaking Blacksmith Forge Farriers Furnace Kiln
Propane Forge Knife Making Blacksmith Gas Forge Farriers Furnace HF2 U.S.A
Stanley 2" Wood Chisel #55- Made in USA - NOS
New Extremely Rugged Blacksmith Step Horn 20# Pound Solid FORGED STEEL ANVIL
DIY Webbing Tutorial on a Budget, Part 4: Learning the Crucial "Box X" Stitch
Don't worry if parts of the video seem too fast or overwhelming; as always, I've laid out the relevant review points in text form that you can digest at your leisure. So dive into the video and start figuring out what you can make. Hit the jump for the ...
Police on the trail of duo who robbed tradies and office
About 2.40am Thursday morning the duo stole a large amount of property, including computer hardware, electrical goods and tools from the Rivendell Dr site. Detectives viewed CCTV footage and saw the two suspects at the front of the premises, before they ...
Forex Key Trading Levels For This Week
In last weeks post I stated " In the short term, there is minor resistance on the 4hour hour chart coming in at 1.3060, with a stronger Fibonacci Level off the weekly's up at 1.3100. Any close above 1.3110 sends the EURUSD to the upper expansion ...
Education Key to Customer BYOD Challenges
Faced with changing realities thrust upon them by users bringing their own devices and demanding to use them in the workplace environment, a majority of IT departments are responding by doing very little if anything at all. According to a new survey ...
Madera Ranchos Hardware Store Rip Off Caught On Camera
Burglars last month broke into a mom and pop hardware store in Madera Ranchos and got away with some pretty expensive tools. The owners of Hurst Hardware ... the Hurst's have installed a new lock at the back door. They spent a couple hundred dollars ...
Blacksmith Guillotine Tool w/ 3 Sets of Dies, Flat, Radiused Fullering & Blank
New KNIFE Making Blacksmith Step Horn 20# Pound Solid FORGED STEEL ANVIL w/holes
5 Piece Hammer Set Professional Blacksmith Propane Forge Tool Shop Garage Kit
Propane Forge Knife Making Blacksmith Gas Forge Farriers furnace Regulator U.S.A
Vintage Stanley Bailey #6 Hand Plane - Type 14
Husqvarna 2.75 lb. Forged Steel Head Carpenters Axe w/ 19" Curved Hickory Handle
Vintage Diamalloy adjustable wrench set 4”-6”-8”-12”-15” made in USA
antique patented STANLEY RULE LEVEL 13 CIRCULAR PLANE woodworking tool
1 Pair Woodworking Holdfast Holddown for 3/4" benchdog hole
Antique filister plane tool wooden tool brass fitted circa 1880 superb condition
Vintage Snap-On USA Key Chain Pocket Screw Driver & 1/2" Wrench
Stanley Low Angle Block Plane, Adj. Mouth, Working, Old
Demo Show Unit,Knife Makes Bench Top Forge, Free Shipping #21B
DFSW2 Gas Propane Forge Knifemaking Farriers Blacksmiths Furnace Burner U.S.A
Welded Blacksmithing Firepot 10x12-inch - For Blacksmith Coal Forge
Vintage Stanley Bailey #5 Wood 2" Cutter Plane in Original Box
Knew Concepts 5" Mk.IV Heavy Duty Hand Saw with Lever Tension and Swivel Blade
Lot of 25 Pcs 5/8" Dia 4140 CR Annealed USA MADE Steel Bar,Rod,Around 7 1/2 Feet
Stanley No. 78 Rabbet Plane
Morgan Thermal Ceramics K-23 Fire Brick 9" x 4" x 2-1/2"inch Temp 2300°F/1260°C
Vintage BSA BOY SCOUT PLUMB HATCHET with Original Handle
Vintage Stanley Bailey No. 8 Wood Working Joiners Plane Excellent Condition
STANLEY No. 3 Pre-Lateral Type 4 Smoothing Jack Plane Wood Tool
12PCS Pro Wood Carving Hand Chisel Set Woodworking Woodworker Lathe Gouges Tools
Quick Railroad Spike Tongs
Special: 2 Stubby Short Combination Wrench Sets SAE & Metric ETC Extreme Torque
Antique PLANE 1910 Stanley / Bailey No.3 Corrugated w/ SW Sweetheart Blade USA
Stanley #80 Cabinet Scraper, Made in England.
Blacksmith Cone Mandrel
 Coal 25# Stoker From Southern Illinois, Blacksmithing, Heating, Forgeing
Small sample box Pa. Anthracite Pea Coal
Sanderson Miniature Model Woodworking Planes Made in England Lot Of 3
New 4" PROTO TOOLS 704G with Red Cushion Grip Adjustable Crescent Wrench USA
5 Farrier Vintage BLACKSMITH Horse Hoof Rasps
Vintage Stanley Wood Power Bit
Vintage Hicraft Brace Bits Auger Hand Drill Woodworking Tools Set
Vintage Rare Great Neck G1 carpenter Plane Adjustable Throat.
Rapid Flat Jaw Tongs
Milwaukee 48-22-8430 PACKOUT 11-Compartment Small Parts Organizer
Vintage Axe P.S. & W. CO. Stow & Wilcox Co. Axe USA 2 lb 1 oz
Vintage Stanley Bailey No. 6Wood Working Plane Exceptional Condition Very Sharp
Antique Vintage Stanley No 5 Plane Smooth Bottom 14 Inch Type 13 (1925-1928)
Stanley Wood Plane Cutting Blades #110(13-110) Great Condition - Never Used
Vintage Diamond Tool And Horseshoe Nippers In Box
Knew Concepts 5" Woodworker Fret Saw with Screw Tension
Tyzack Sons & Turner 8 Inch Gentleman's Steel Back Dovetail Saw NOS
Vintage Blacksmith/Gunsmith Strap Hand Vise Tool
Blacksmith Knifemakers Tomahawk , Large Hammer and mouse ax Drift Set 3 Pcs.
Union #8CJointer Plane
Vintage WIRT RESISTORS 6 Drawer Wooden Cabinet almost full
Best-Selling Quick Tongs Bundle Set
vintage STANLEY No. 19 Block Wood Plane SW Sweetheart woodworking tool
Craftsman Vintage 1950’s Rolling Tool Caninet
Metal Woodworking Blade Spoke Shave Manual Planer Plane Deburring Hand Tools 9"
Crescent 4.5" Needle Nose Pliers 666-4 1/2, MADE IN USA
Craftsman . Adjustmen Nut  Wrench No 43380
Vintage Proto 231G Ignition Pliers 5" USA Made NOS S-8
Vintage Fuller Hand Drill woodworking drill 13" Long and 3 drill bits
Stanley Bailey No 7 No 6 Blade Plane Iron - Stanley Logo
Vintage Proto 3021 Open End wrench 7/16 & 3/8
Craftsman USA NOS 6 Piece Chisel Set WF #368666 Black Handles
New Cast Polished Pewter Mini Blacksmith Anvil Key-Chain/Necklace
NEW Hand-Forged Blacksmith Offset Tongs 1/4x1-inch made from 5160
Antique L. S. S. Starrett Grooved Rule Tool - For Combination Square - Machinist
Bench Top Blacksmith-Knife Makers,Propane Forge 1980 F°/1082 C° Free Shipping
Union No.60 Scraper Plane Woodworking Tool
Forge Coal 25lbs
Vintage Heavy Duty Crosscut Saw Vise --Sharpening
Railroad Track blacksmith Anvil 19lbs per foot +- Work Hardened Steel, antique
Bituminous Coal (25lbs.)
New Old Stock Vintage BOKER Tools 5 1/2" Diagonal Wire Stripping Cutters Pliers
ANVIL Extremely Rugged Round Horn 55 LB BLACKSMITH Cast Iron FREE FEDEX SHIPPING
Vintage Plomb PLVMP Combination SAE Wrench Set
Craftsman-made Cast Bronze and Wood Plane with 1" Wide Blade
Antique Collins Poll Axe Head Connecticut Pattern 3 1/4 Pounds
Lufkin outside Caliper 4 inch
Vintage Craftsman Vise 3" Jaws - 5240 - Swivel Base
Marples 1 inch wood chisel
Vintage Millers Falls No. 14 Wood Plane Carpenters/Woodworking Tool
Blacksmith Forged Adze New Style Flat Blade Bowl Carving
DFPROF2+1D Propane Forge Knifemaking Farriers Blacksmiths Furnace Burner U.S.A
Vintage Dunlap 8" Adjustable Wrench Made in USA
Vintage Planer Millers Falls #77 Made in USA
Lot of 12 Carpenter Planes. Includes Stanley, Corsair, Craftsman, and Others.
Cornwell Tools ZZ-TSD7S (7) Pcs Tors Screwdriver set Tampertorx USA Nice
Gas Forge Mini Military Ammo Box Blacksmith Propane Gas Forge W/Hose Kit
Propane Forge for Knifemaking Blacksmith Gas Forge 48" Hose & Regulator-U.S.Made
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Huawei Ascend Mate: Bigger isn't always better (hands-on)
A slim volume rocker and a power/lock button reside on the right spine ... Below this icon row are the static shortcuts for tools like your e-mail inbox and the browser. Conspicuously missing is an app tray icon. Huawei does away with this, instead ...
Tech tinkerers building marvels using D-I-Y computing tools
A range of D-I-Y computing tools like the Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Lego's Mindstorms ... Using A custom-made mechanical iris, Arduino and conventional electro-magnetic lock (the kind that opens with a button), David Glicksman decided to make ...
The dangers of stealthy malware
Adware programs litter ... A totally invisible malware infestation can be much more dangerous. If your antivirus doesn't "see" it and you don't notice any untoward behaviour, the malware is free to track your online banking activities or use ...
Seco Tools closing Lenoir City plant
Seco Tools, a producer of industrial machine tooling that has ... The announcement comes almost exactly a year after Yale Lock and Hardware decided to close its Lenoir City facilities. In 2011, Seco’s Lenoir City plant became the first Seco facility ...
Lock and Tech USA announces new service specials in Atlanta, GA
These special offers apply to all types ... community in Georgia professional locksmith services for many years and have recently expanded their network of authorized key service stations to include new locations in Sandy Springs, Marietta, Duluth and ...
Want to honor police? ... Give them better tools
LOCK HAVEN - Want to know how to truly honor those who protect ... Clinton County IT Director Susan Watson, who is credited as a major force in moving the project forward, acted as master of ceremonies. Yesterday's conference actually highlighted a two ...